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Corporate and Consultant Training

Our training centers are staffed with industry experts with state of the art knowledge and a willingness to go the extra distance to make your learning experience a meaningful one. Students will be taught skills ranging from Project Management; streamlining processes; controlling projects and maintaining discipline on budgetary and time deadlines.

Our Instructors and their staff constantly review and update course content by drawing on their own experience and current developments in the marketplace. Students receive hands-on experience that parallels their environment.

Armed with the latest skills and an aggressive placement group working for you will spell success.

End User Training

A successful deployment of new technology must be followed by consonant end user training lest all the work go to waste or hibernate causing irreparable losses in time and other resources.

We have always followed our implementation, reinstallation or upgradation projects with scalable end user training and made sure the new technology is left in good hands.

To that end we have devised end user training plans that allow us to realize our and our clients' goals successfully.

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