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NGTech Project Management Approach
Code of Performance

We emphasize to our consultants that every NGTech consultant delivers his/her services to the client in accordance with our published Code of Performance. This code is the basis for our ongoing performance evaluation process that is administered by the Vice President of Operations.

Here is the Code of performance,
  • Demonstrate ability to deliver a proven performance
  • Do not use client's computer or intranet facilities for personal use
  • Be Punctual
  • Demonstrate willingness to contribute extra effort
  • Do not make mistake
  • Aliways dress in 'business casual' or 'business' attire
  • Show interest in assignment and in all supporting activities
  • Communicate suggestions for improvement
  • Present weekly written status reports
  • Demonstrate 'follow through' in all tasks assigned
  • Demonstrate energy and enthusiasm
  • Be fair and be perceived to be fair
Applying NGTech’s PMTech (Project Management Techniques) and ESTech (Estimating Techniques)

Project Managing Techniques (PMTech)* Overview

  1. Get Agreement on Project Characteristics (PCW)
  2. Develop & Present a Statement of Work (SOW)
  3. Develop a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  4. Estimate Tasks & Assign Resources over Time using ESTech
  5. Obtain Early Agreement on Acceptance Criteria
  6. Setup Change Management & Status Reporting
The outcome is the introduction of several techniques to define, organize, manage, and report status on an assigned project or task list

Project Estimating Techniques (ESTech) overview

  • The importance of clear & complete project requirements project characteristics information in minimizing the risk of inaccurate estimates.
  • A review of the most widely used project estimation methods.
  • Review of various estimating algorithms.
Contact Information

Primary Contact :
Lalit Deo

Phone: 847-454-0900 Ext.225,
Cell: 847-757-3595
Fax: 847-253-7282

Christopher Velis
Director of Operations

Phone: 847-454-0900, Ext.227,
Cell: 847-420-7845
Fax: 847-253-7282a

Stephen Cottini
Director of Sales

Phone: 847-454-0900, Ext.206,
Cell: 708-927-1150
Fax: 847-253-7282

Peter Mauro
Phone: 312-304-0566
Fax: 847-253-7282

Corporate Office and Development Center
116 S Arlington Heights Rd
Suite #301
Arlington Heights, IL 60005


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