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The public cloud is defined as computing services offered by third-party providers over the public Internet, making them available to anyone who wants to use or purchase them. They may be free or sold on-demand, allowing customers to pay only per usage for the CPU cycles, storage, or bandwidth they consume.

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Cost Effectiveness

An extremely flexible pricing structure is one of the top benefits of the public cloud. Most of the public cloud providers give businesses the flexibility to pay by the hour

Quick and Easy Set Up

Businesses can set up their public cloud within a matter of few hours. It can be easily bought on the Internet and deployed and configured remotely through the cloud provider website

Optimization of Staffing Budgets

the staffing budget makes up for more than half of the total computing costs – simply because good IT engineers are difficult to find and are expensive

No Maintenance

The cloud provider is responsible for the maintenance of the hardware, software, and networks in the cloud. Businesses, therefore, do not need to worry about keeping their infrastructure up-to-date or worry about aspects like security and upgrades

Economies of Scale

The public cloud offers massive economies of scale. It is extremely difficult to match it with private data centers. Businesses can be assured that the infrastructure is optimally used and the inevitable peaks and drops in the workloads are well taken care of


Today, businesses need to be quicker and more dynamic to be productive. They need to continuously evolve and improve their processes, tools, technologies, and policies

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