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the neural network is functioning similarly to neurons in our brain. Neurons make it possible for us to think and make decisions, express creativity and so on.
At the moment, machines cannot compete with human brains. They can help you find something or give you a piece of advice, but they cannot replace a human assistant. Neural networks were developed to resolve this issue and create a revolution in this field.

Neural Networks

artificial neurons are structured in the form that human neurons are, they can constantly teach themselves by receiving new information, analyzing it and improving the result step by step.

the more information the network gets, the more complicated it is to analyze, so the number of neurons in the network can exceed a few thousand, and the network's complicated structure is the reason for longer processing times.


this technology occupies the marketing niche as well. Neural networks can be used in marketing to arrange a productive target marketing campaign


Neural networks can implement a few tasks simultaneously, so its use in retail can be invaluable.


The forecasting capability opens new horizons for using neural networks in finance


insurance companies use a lot of technologies to track an insured property so they are able to immediately detect if something has occurred to it.


The particularity of neural network functioning in telecommunication is not so different from the insurance field.

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