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Deep Learning is based on processing data – a LOT of data. The data is fed through a neural network where every piece of information is scored based on binary data or simple true/false questions. The data is then classified according to how it’s scored or the answers received by the logic network.

Image processing is a perfect example of how Deep Learning is being used in the real world. Imagine a checkpoint set up to record not only the number of vehicles that pass a specific location but also their exact model.

Deep Learning

Over the past few years, Deep Learning has been becoming more and more common. It can be found powering some of the world’s most powerful tech today: everything from entertainment media to self-driving cars.

Content Recommendation

One of the most common deep learning applications is seen with content recommendations Netflix.

Deep learning is used to analyze the user’s tastes (People who liked X, Y, Z tend to like A, B, C) and make recommendations to others accordingly.

Self-Driving Cars

One of the most widely-discussed deep learning business applications right now is with self-driving cars – a concept every big player is getting on, from Volkswagen to Google. These systems use sensors and a neural network to process a vast amount of data.

Image Detection and Object Classification

Another common use is image detection and object classification, as seen today with Facebook.

The company has more than enough data on images to work with, making Deep Learning for image detection very accessible.


While there are a lot of potential deep learning business applications in medicine, a big chunk of it is currently in development.

Automated Translation

If you’ve used Google translate lately, you’ll realize that it’s been getting eerily accurate. What used to be a bunch of jumbled words you’d have to decode into English is now, well, working as it should.

The same tech now has a lot more uses – it’s even possible to translate a picture into a different language with your camera.

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