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Nearly every app you build will use services external to the mobile device. Whether it’s from in the cloud or on-premise systems, modern cross platform mobile apps rely on API’s, cloud back-ends, and cloud processing. Move code closer to the data. Scale your apps. Optimize code. Deploy whenever and wherever needed. Test, monitor, and update dynamically with ease. As your mobile apps integrate cloud services, you’ll also want to bring your mobile skills to the cloud, becoming full-stack developers. Find the resources you need here to rapidly deliver engaging, personalized apps that are valuable to your users and companies.

This includes:

The look and feel in devices
The servers and containers that are accessed to provide content and data processing
Development processes like testing and debugging
Reasons and trade-offs behind choosing solutions among many alternatives

Android Game Development - for immersive, outreach of the platform.

Mostly Adore Features

Build your game in Unity

Update your build and player settings in Unity to export Android-compatible app bundles and Gradle projects


Use a wide variety of reporting tools to make your game run smoothly on a variety of devices

Launch & iterate

Monitor key performance and engagement metrics, identifying specific areas for improvement within your game as your user base grows.

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