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2D computer graphics is the computer-based generation of digital images—mostly from two-dimensional models (such as 2D geometric models, text, and digital images) and by techniques specific to them.The word may stand for the branch of computer science that comprises such techniques or for the models themselves.

2D/3D support
Streamlines the workflow for 2D, 3D, or the best combination

A rich set of features
Tools for scene editing, animation, Particle System authoring and audio mixing

Match to your specific workflow and production needs

Native high performance and graphics
For mobile with support for Metal and Vulkan

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Game Engines


Their solution is an incredibly easy to use drag and drop program for creating 2D games that comes with its own physics and simple “rules” you apply to objects.

Buildbox – The one-box-fits-all

Buildbox is slowly making a name for itself as the engine used for some true hits in the last few years. These include dozens of games that made it to the App Store top 100 such as Color Switch and The Line Zen.

Construct 2 – The Windows favourite

Construct 2 is a very intuitive drag and drop for creating 2D games. The learning curve is super fast, and the interface looks a lot like Microsoft products, so it makes it an ideal tool for PC users who have never looked at a game engine before.

Clickteam Fusion 2.5 – The veteran

Clickteam Fusion is the engine used by recent popular game such as The Escapists and Five Nights at Freddy’s. The amazing thing is that it’s been around since 1994!

RPG Maker – The RPG specialist

Although it’s worth noting that people have used RPG Maker for multiple game genres, you’ve guessed that this engine only does one thing

Stencyl – The code teacher

A few years ago, MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) developed a visual programming language called Scratch. It’s a fun method to teach students how code works without overburdening them with too much technical knowledge.

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